Two polarized opined groups on gambling

There are two groups of people we can find in discussing over the socio economic impact of gambling. One group believes in the fact that gambling has real bad impact over our society which may cause a great economical disaster from their point of view. They take gambling as an addiction to the way of destruction. They consider gambling as a way to some behavioral disorder along with some strange and strong economical disorder as well. casino may bring an individual to the path of bankruptcy or may be worse than that and also affect a life in its personal level Though the fact can not be ignored that all these situations are definitely depend on the mental strength and personality of a particular individual.

Another group possesses an idea that gambling can never be bad as the economy of numerous countries depends on this gambling industry. The on going popularity of online gambling stand as proves behind their opinion. They argue that it is an activity that offers various kind of output in positive terms to a society which is also true to an extent.  According to them the fact of addiction which may harm an individual or the society in the broad sense completely depends on the mental strength of the player. It is up to him or her whether he or she really want to be addicted or can leave the casino game playing whenever the situation demands. So it is very clear that both the groups are negotiating and the conclusion is yet to be decided. People who argue on the fact about the legalization of gambling may have a conclusion and may save a number of people from bankruptcy. Many Casinos which provide very high labor intensive can easily create and increase the employment opportunities for the population of any country without any doubt.